Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Web Hosting is a gateway carrier the place where all technical components of operating WordPress are managed by the host. This consists of security, speed, WordPress updates, each day backups, internet site uptime, and scalability. The notion in the back of Managed WordPress Hosting package deal is to provide a totally basic experience, so you can focal point on operating your enterprise and doing what you are better at. One of the satisfactory components of Managed WordbdPress Web Hosting is the top rate support. You will get support via actual WordPress professionals with loads of journeys instead of anyone who is analyzing a help manual. Customers describe managed WordPress web hosting as “a Five-Star Hotel for WordPress” and “like having a military of WordPress specialists on your side”.

Why Must You Choose Managed WordPress Hosting From Onlive Server

24×7 Expert Support

Onlive Server has a single-tier support division. That means allotted engineers, with more than 10 years of WordPress experience, handle every support request. There is no subcontracted support or auto-chat system. Actual experts suggest you with all WordPress issues round the clock.

Managed WordPress Hacked? We fix it Free

WordPress sites are a frequent target for hackers. If you are running such plugins or themes that are not secure, it may possible to get hacked and not realize it soon enough. Our experts as well as an automated system scan your site Instantly and maintain its security. If your website stacks hacked, we optimize and clean it up for no extra charge.

WordPress Power

Onlive server offers managed WordPress Hosting platform that power users build for power users. And if you would like to use traditional WordPress with a side of wp-cli, we also prefer to support that. If you need anything else, we’re happy to provide it. Due to the recognition of WordPress, a number of web hosting providers have chosen to specialize in WordPress.

Fast and Scalable Architecture

Household brands and onside 500+ companies utilize managed WordPress Hosting platforms. It is seamlessly scalable without compromising on-site speed. Whether expects a few visitors or a lot, we have you prepared. Other than that, we never ask for extra charges for having too much traffic.

Fully Managed Cache

In business, site speed matters above all! If your sites become slower, occurrences are to lose out on conversions, good search ranking, and brand loyalty. This is why we look out for the website cache without your permission to set up any plugins or improve your code. Managed WordPress Hosting cache maintains your site speed and keeps available at all times.

Backups you can rely on

Many Hosts have non-transparent backup policies or apply extra charges for them. We make your site backed up and frame environments every 24 hours using eras best practices. You can manage or restore these backups on fingertips or download them on your computer. Backup storing is done securely away from the server.

We Move Your Site Free

Moving Hosts is generally considered a painful task. Not with Onlive Server. Our team migrates your site for free from any provider. We have a system in place to make sure your website does not go offline or lose data when moving to the Onlive server. As part of this migration, we even do things for speed and security audits.

Robust Technical Stack

WordPress Hosting foundation powers go to Nginx, MariaDB, and Redis for maximum performance. Managed WordPress support PHP versions 5.6 to 7.4 and have no restrictions on plugin usage. All hosting plans combine SSH access, WP-CLI, Cloudflare CDN, and auto-backup management.