Difference between Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration:

Cheap domain registration is the process of booking a domain name which serves as the address of a website.

Domain name is the address that the people will type in the URL bar of their browsers for visiting that particular site. To be more specific, consider your site to be a house where the domain name is its address.

Domain Registration
Domain Registration

The internet is one enormous chain of systems or computers connected to one another by way of cables.  Each computer comes with a strong of numeric known as IP address. This is done for making it easier to identify the websites. Nevertheless, the problem is that computers do not find it challenging to identify and remember the numbers. It is humans who are not able to remember the numbers so they are also not able to use the numbers for connecting to sites online. Domain names were thus designed for solving this issue. Users can book domain name with words making it easier for individuals to remember the site addresses. Domain name registration means customers will not have type numbers for getting to a site. You have a domain name which the prospective customers can type for getting to your site.

Website Hosting:

Website hosting can be defined as the place where all the different files and data of a site remain live. In other words, if the domain name is the address of your house, web hosting is the original house. All the sites on the internet need to have web hosting. Companies offering website hosting solutions specialize in serving websites and storing files and data. They provide different varieties of hosting packages to consumers.

Website hosting and domain names are completely different solutions but they work in close collaboration to make sites possible. Behind every domain name there is a website hosting address that stores all the files.