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It is within your rights to move the book domain name registration online between the registrars. If you want to move the domain from one registrar to the other, you can start the transfer process by contacting the registrar that you want to transfer the domain to. To transfer the domain to another registrar, one can begin the change process by contacting the current registrar. The current registrar will ask for confirmation via a secure mechanism.

Regularly, this takes the form of an email to a registered name holder. One must confirm within the set number of days set by the registrar. It is vital to note that this should not exceed 60 days, or the transfer will not be possible. Once the registrar gets a confirmation from you, they will process this transfer and notify you and the new registrant once your transfer is complete.

It can take 14 days to complete a domain transfer. This procedure relies heavily upon on time taken for the owner of the domain name to confirm the transfer. In addition, it depends on the time the current registrar takes to reject or accept this transfer request. When the transfer is ended, you will receive an email confirmation with all relevant information about the transaction. If you are a customer, you can inhibit the domain’s progress by going to the Transfer or Book Domain Name Registration Online section and clicking Check Status. Here is a detailed discussion on the domain name transfer status.

Domain name transfer status

Pending: This means that the transfer has failed, and domain registrars are waiting to start it again. There is a high likelihood that the authorization code was not correct or the domain is locked with the current registrar. It is essential to check your client’s email for additional information or contact the domain registrar where you want to move the domain name to.

Pending Owner Approval: The new domain registrar you want to transfer the domain to can restart the transfer if you did not offer the domain Authorization code (EPP) while transferring the order or if the EPP you provided was incorrect. The new registrar is going to send an email to approve the domain’s administration. To be able to approve the transfer, it is essential to follow the guidelines in the email. If the domain displays Pending Owner Approval, it indicates that the transfer requires your approval.

Pending Registry Approval: The transfer order has already been submitted to the new registrar with the valid Authorization code (EPP). They are waiting for the current domain registrar to confirm and the registry before continuing the transfer. One does not have to do anything but wait for the transfer to be complete.

Declined: Either the owner of the domain or the prior registrar has denied your transfer request. 

Canceled: There is a possibility that the new domain registrar you want to transfer the domain to has canceled the transfer request. You can contact them for additional information.

How to transfer an existing domain to Onlive Server

At the current registrar, unlock the domain name. This can easily be done through a control panel. If you have problems doing this, you contact customer support for assistance. Purchase a transfer with Onlive Server as you want to move and Book Domain Name Online here. You are going to receive an email from Onlive Server with an authorization code. You should follow the instructions to confirm this transfer. In several cases, you can utilize the authorization code when you are initiating the transfer.

Onlive Server will send a notification to the current registrar of the domain to transfer the domain name. Registrars are given five days to return the communication. If this does not happen, Onlive Server will assume that the transfer process has been rejected. When you request authorization from the current registrar to facilitate the transfer of the domain name, confirm the request. Onlive Server will send you a notification once the transfer has been successful. This process takes one to ten days.

The registrars are allowed to set their prices for the services. Hence, they may charge you a fee to approve the transfer. However, the transfer cannot be denied as a result of non-payment of the transfer fee.


There are cases you will get a registrar who will not offer as excellent services as you may want. At this point, you will need to transfer your domain to a registrar you trust. Knowing in advance the transfer process procedure will ensure that the transfer process is smooth and keeps running. It is your right to transfer the domain name from one register to the other. However, please note that the registrar can deny you the transfer of the domain. Several circumstances can lead to this. This includes evidence of fraud, a dispute over the person’s identity giving authorization for the transfer, and a written objection from the domain name holder. Others have domain names being on hold as a result of payment owed for the previous registration period.