Storage Dedicated Server

Are you searching for an excellent way to optimize your online business? Look no similar to Onlive Infotech! With our dedicated Server, you can experience unbeatable points such as 99.9% uptime and 24/7 patron support. Storage Dedicated Server is designed to grant the absolute best overall performance. And security stage, permitting you to get the most out of your committed Server. These servers are typically used for websites, applications, and online offerings that require excessive manipulation and flexibility. With a dedicated server, you are the whole manager of the hardware and software program configurations, permitting you to personalize your web hosting surroundings according to your needs. Our Storage Dedicated Hosting is a digital server that runs on a single server. The Server is committed to your enterprise and can run a unique utility or internet site with special personnel permissions.

Construct your Website brilliantly with Storage Dedicated Hosting.

With over three years of experience in the internet hosting industry, this company is one of the most reliable companies. With dedicated servers on the market. In addition to having some of the highest-capacity SSD storage available. Our employer affords various points and offerings that make them a pinnacle contender in the industry. In this article, we will discuss how devoted servers can assist your commercial enterprise in developing and succeeding. We will also discuss some advantages of using committed servers in your business. Finally, we will discuss how you can commence with a Storage Dedicated Hosting today!

With a committed server, you are manipulating the hardware and software program configurations, permitting you to customize your internet hosting surroundings according to your unique needs. Additionally, dedicated servers can be hosted in multiple locations worldwide, ensuring high availability and reliability.

Why is Onlive Infotech the best choice for your needs?

Our Web hosting company is dedicated to supplying you with Storage Dedicated Server options to assist you in running your enterprise quicker and easier. Our servers are constructed to furnish the perfect performance, security, and reliability stage at a low cost. We additionally provide an enormous variety of elements and offerings along with Cloud Hosting, USA Dedicated Server, Web Hosting, and more. In addition, our skilled and educated team of workers is continually prepared to help you with any questions or worries you may also have concerned our devoted server solutions. With our committed server solutions, you can be optimistic that your commercial enterprise is in exact palms and capable of developing and thriving. The devoted Server affords greater control, performance, and protection than different internet hosting options.

Storage Dedicated Server with rises to offer Features

We’ve complained about our Dedicated Server hosting, to gives you high storage capacity, with assigned storage for your OS and backup add-ons to help you secure your data. This hosting company presents affordable USA-based Storage Dedicated Hosting with the most satisfactory performance and outstanding security and compliance.

Key Benefits: –

Huge storage capacity

Gain up to a vast 64TB of raw space on your Server. You can use up to 48TB of usable RAID storage for extensive database management, media storage, or even as a cloud storage solution to share files across your network.

Allocated space for SSD

Forget taking up valuable storage with the operating system. Get faster boot times with discrete SSD storage on its RAID array for your OS, leaving the primary warehouse on your Server accessible to use however you need to.

Securing your data

Our servers are hosted in ISO-certified data centres with the latest software and hardware security. Your data is necessary, so we consistently maintain it locked up fast.

Customizable to Satisfy your Needs

When you pick out our servers, you can relax and be guarantee that they will be custom-made to meet your particular requirements. Our group of authorities has a considerable journey in placing up and configuring devoted servers. So you can believe us to furnish you with a tailor-made answer that matches your specific requirements. Our servers are construct to excellent standards and come with solid hardware, dependable community connections, and cutting-edge software. In addition, we provide superior selections that permit you to personalize your server configuration, disk space, RAM, processor type, and more.

Most increased Level of Performance

When you Web host your site or utility on a Storage Dedicated Hosting, you will get the best overall performance and reliability. Our servers are power by high-performance Intel processors and modern-day DDR4 RAM to ensure blazing-fast loading times. This, coupled with our high-end statistics centres, ensures that your websites and functions will be handy 24/7 without interruption or lag. Our servers also come with a solid firewall to guard against workable safety threats. As a result, you can relax, confident that your statistics are protecte and secure. With our servers, you can journey the exceptional of what the internet offers.


At Onlive Infotech, we grant various Windows Dedicated Server options designed to meet your enterprise wishes and requirements. With our practical, committed servers, you can revel in extreme performance, security, stability, and scalability for your commercial enterprise operations. Our USA-based Storage Dedicated Server is also waterproof and reliable, making them best for organizations that want to preserve touchy records. Our business enterprise gives you extraordinary protection measures such as firewalls, DDoS protection, and malware scanning. With our devoted servers, you can relax and guarantee that your records are always secure and invulnerable. So, if you’re searching for a server answer that presents unequall performance, reliability, and security, it seems to be no similar to our Web Hosting Company.