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Domain registration is an important part of any organization or person. A domain name is a uniquely 21st-century business strategy for any corporate website. A domain registrar is a person or organization that has registered a domain name for a website. The registrant should apply for registration online with the domain registrar. The domain name registrar has several terms and conditions to complete the domain name registration process. There are various codes of conduct in the domain name investigation process to protect registrants’ domain privacy. The violation of the code of conduct is punishable. The full registration process depends on the successful completion of the registration fee and updated domain registration details.

The Registration Process At ICANN

To register a domain name, domain name registrants need a name listed on the webserver to access the Internet. To check the availability of the domain, contact the domain registrar.

If a person or organization does not want to share their information in whois, they can agree with another domain name service provider to register.

  • A registrar is a type of organization certified by ICANN or the Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers to sell domain names to end-users. This organization is responsible for maintaining the registrant’s information and data and for providing additional support until the registration process has been completed.
  • Many Domain Name Registration prefers to register through a reseller connected to the registrar and offer other services such as web hosting and email marketing. If you want to find a domain name from a registrar, try choosing an authentic agency.
  • The registrars’ responsibility is to accept registration requests, maintain a registration database, and provide a name server for the publication of file data over the Internet.
  • ICANN is a non-profit organization that takes care of the assignment of IP addresses and domain names for various organizations.
  • ICANN is responsible for the administration of the root server and the TLD name system.
  • ICANN concludes a contractual agreement with registries and registrars, which forms the basis of the WHOIS system.

Brief Description Of The Domain Name Provider

After the advent of the digital world, when business organizations prefer to improve their business activities through an online platform, website building has become popular. But to run a successful website, you need to have a domain name to grow your business. Choosing the right domain name is an important part of how your business is portrayed. Try to check out website domain registration companies in India that offer many other services such as web hosting, domain registration, domain transfer, and business registration.

Best Domain Registration Company

Among various companies, Onlive Server is one of the best companies that offer various hosting services to its customers at an affordable price. But here is a list of some other companies in India that are providing domain names to the organization.

Onliveserver.Com company was established in 2004; This company has more than 178 branches across the world. This company also provides various services like website hosting and server hosting. This company’s domain name search policy is unique.

Onliveinfotech.Com is a popular provider of domain names having an ICANN-affiliated registrar for domain names to protect the website from hackers and viruses. is an affordable domain registration company at an affordable price. This company provides a world-class web hosting service to enhance business activity. This company is also involved in the domain name, website hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting, and web design.

Usaserverhosting.Com is a unique Check Domain Name provider that provides various services like Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Linux Reseller Hosting. Most WordPress developers prefer this hosting service.

How To Prevent Domain Hijacking
  • Better Website Management with Domain Code Generation
  • The domain locking system can protect domain security
  • Proper Registration Process by ICANN Affiliated Registrar
  • Update web server and hosting plan software frequently to avoid virus attack
  • Try to check domain availability for an authentic registrar that links to the company profile and manages sensitive data securely.
Domain Name Service Provider Specification

Internet is the most important resource for any kind of business activity; Domain name provider companies take advantage of the uniqueness of the Internet to protect their email hosting plans as well as their customers’ servers.

Domain Name System helps individuals and organizations to access hosting packages like VPS or cloud hosting packages with high-speed capability.

A unique domain name system can protect domain name registrants’ confidential information without sharing it with anyone. Many companies have huge amounts of confidential data that require special server security. Onlive Server is one of the best companies; You can check the registration process for website domains, which further protects the registrants’ server systems and reduces the risk of hacking.

Domain Registrar Gives additional stability to the domain registrar’s IP address and protects the registrant’s web server from hacker attacks.

In the future, domain registrars will need more security with respect to their confidential data and web servers. Hosting provider companies always like to provide the best services to their customers at an affordable cost. However, the end-users of the domain should choose their monthly plan based on their needs. Corporate websites need to use a more secure and authentic web server and domain name to improve their image with website users.