Managed Dedicated Server

What is a Managed Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server hosting is used to host applications or websites that require a dedicated server. Go for the Managed Dedicated Server for the best hosting website. Onlive Server provides faster performance for your application or website.

You can add and remove software, install updates or tweak all settings. It is allowing you to optimize the dedicated server with the help of VPS hosting plans that are available in many cases at similar costs.

In other words, A dedicated server hosting is a hosting service, which an individual or organization provides services to other companies and individuals. The server is very popular on larger websites. However, it guarantees to site available at all times on hardware.

How does Managed Dedicated Server Works?

A limitless supply of a server hosting plan can lead you to supply a lot of your investment. You can construct, streamline, and redo it to your necessities.

You will add simple components that benefit your web page related to usefulness and execution.


Mistake Correcting Code RAM provides increased dependability as it contains excellent equipment that forestalls data databases and can recoup from blunders.

Computer chips

Server CPUs accompany bunches of centers, which can ascend to forty-eight centers for Intel Xeons or sixty-four centers for AMD Epyc. Therefore On the off chance that your software does not need these numerous assets, you can usually get a worker with fewer assets.

SSDs (or HDDs)

SSD stockpiling offers stockpiling execution.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting Server

Here we mention some best advantages of Dedicated Hosting

  • Improved Performance
  • They Have Higher Reliability
  • Allocated a unique IP address
  • Admin Power and Control
  • Freedom Of Customization
  • Have Flexibility for Optimization
  • Fewer Overheads For Server Equipment
  • It’s A Highly Scalable Solution

Why should you choose Onlive Server for dedicated server Hosting?

Onlive Server is a dedicated server hosting company. We offer high-quality dedicated servers at an affordable price. A server is a form of web hosting that allows for the hosting of websites on the Internet.

The server is shared by no one else except you, After that, it is allowing you full access to all available resources.

And However, let you decide how much bandwidth and other resources are to be allotted to your sites.

One advantage of using a server over shared web hosting is that it gives you more control over your website’s environment. Many small business owners don’t understand how important a server hosting solution is for their business.

The reality is that the majority of small businesses will not be able to handle the demands of a large amount of traffic or the requirements of large amounts of storage space.

However, This means that you need to look at a Linux Dedicated Server hosting plan, which can easily become very expensive and may not even offer enough storage space for your needs. A server hosting solution offers you full control over your site.


If you’re looking for some faster and more secure. In conclusion, A server might be a better fit for the website. Therefore, A server gives your business access to an entire machine on which you can store data without having to share space with other users. Therefore, With this added control over your web presence comes increased security and speed. Similarly, A server comes with huge bandwidth, an ultimate performance server and lots of resources. Above all, Onlive Server offers a server at a very affordable price range you can choose as your need.