Web Hosting Server

Onlive Infotech specializes in providing hosting servers. We typically offer you a dedicated, VPS Server, and cloud hosting servers. Our hosting server can be used for a variety of things, including hosting your website. Recovering lost data, creating new websites or software, creating data backups, and serving your many other needs. We use a lot of cutting-edge tools and technology in it, increasing its demand. A Web Hosting Server service offers the infrastructure and tools required to maintain and distribute website content to users all over the world. When you host your website on a server, you make sure that it is always available to visitors so they can access your content, use your services, and interact with your brand.

Different Web Hosting Server Types

There are several types of web hosting available, each serving a range of requirements and price points. Multiple websites can share server resources through shared hosting, which is a cost-effective solution. Because several virtual servers are formed inside a single physical server, virtual private server (VPS) hosting provides more control and resources. With dedicated hosting, you get a whole physical server all to yourself, which offers the best performance and personalization. A network of connected servers is used in cloud hosting to provide scalability and dependability. Last but not least, there are specialized hosting alternatives like WordPress hosting, which is created especially for websites running on the WordPress platform and optimizes security and performance.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

1) Shared Hosting:

When compared to other hosting providers, this is inexpensive and reasonable. When you run a website on a shared server with other websites, the server is isolat to prevent unauthoriz access. Because you and other users of the same server share the server’s operating costs, shared hosting is more economical. On a shared server, you can launch your first blog, but there is one significant drawback: other websites hosted on the same server could jeopardize the security of your hosting account. This is similar to a motel where you pay monthly or yearly rent for a single room within a single structure.

2) VPS Hosting Server

We offer the most popular and reasonably priced VPS Hosting Server. Use our USA VPS Server package if you run a small business and cannot afford dedicated hosting resources. According to customer needs, we divide our hosting server services into a variety of categories. With data center accessibility, Onlive Infotech offers an inexpensive hosting server in more than 30 countries. In over 30 nations, we have our own data centers.

3) Dedicated Hosting Server

Your website is assigned a full physical server in a dedicated website hosting environment. This enhances the trustworthiness, security, and speed of your WordPress blog. The entire server’s resources, including RAM and CPU, are assigned just for your domain to host your website. Although it has a significantly greater running cost than the other two services, it is a great option if your site receives a lot of traffic. You have total authority over root access. Typically, the cost begins at $44 per month.

4) Cloud Hosting Server

In the web hosting sector, cloud hosting has grown in popularity. Although it is technically referred to as a Cloud VPS Server, this Virtual Hosting (VPS) type is comparable. This has very flexible operation, allowing you to upgrade and downgrade any gear, including RAM and CPU, as necessary. In a conventional VPS, a server can only be extended up to the hardware’s maximum capacity, regardless of how it was actually created. In contrast, there are no fixed shapes in the cloud, so you can scale your hardware needs as necessary.

Key benefits of using Web Hosting Server by Onlive Infotech

Key Features and Benefits Web hosting offers a variety of features and benefits that help your online presence succeed. These are some:

Bandwidth and Storage: Storage space for your website’s media and files is provided by web hosting, ensuring quick and dependable access. The amount of data that can be transfer between your website and users is determ by the bandwidth, which has an impact on loading speeds and user experience.

Email Addresses: Web facilitating frequently incorporates the capacity to make customized email accounts utilizing. Your space name, upgrading incredible skill and brand personality.

Domain Name Administration: You can easily secure and manage your online address thanks to the domain registration and management services offered by many web hosting providers.

Backups and security: Your website is protect from cyber threats like malware and hacking attemp by web hosting provider security measures. Ordinary reinforcements guarantee that your information is protect and can be reestablish in the event of crises.

Technical Assistance: Technical support is provided by dependable web hosting services. To address any issues or concerns you may have, ensure that your website continues to function effectively.

Capacity to Grow: Web hosting makes it simple to scale up resources and keep up. With increased traffic and demand as your website grows.


A key step in creating and sustaining a successful online presence is to invest in a reputable web hosting provider. It enables people and companies to present their goods, services, and concepts to a global audience. You can choose the right Web Hosting Server for your unique needs by being aware. Of the different types that are accessible as well as the features and advantages they provide. Remember that the security, and usability. And the performance of your website will all be impacted by the web hosting service you choose. In order to maximize the potential of your online endeavors. Take the time to research and choose a reliable web hosting service that is in accordance with your objectives and desires.