Web hosting server

What Type of Web Hosting Server, Do You require?

Onlive Server has a different choice of Web Hosting Server available at an affordable price. According to customer demand, we provide lots of hosting services with our hosting server. We present number of hosting choices to our customer. Our cheaper hosting server plans offer unlimited bandwidth, HDD storage, high-level security and much more.

Hosting Server which we provide

We specialist in providing hosting servers. We generally provide you Dedicated, VPS, and Cloud hosting servers. Our hosting server can be used for your many purposes like hosting of your website, restoration of data, development of site or software, data backup and for your much purpose. We use lots of advanced technology and equipment in it that makes it more demandable.

VPS Hosting Server

We have VPS Hosting Server which is most demandable and very affordable in price. If you have a small business and don’t afford dedicated hosting resources, you can use our VPS Hosting Server plan. We categorize our hosting server services in many categories according to customer need. We provide a cheap hosting server in 30 plus countries with data center availability. We have our own data center in approx 30 plus countries.

Dedicated Hosting Server

If you have a large business and want a hosting server which is not shared with anyone. You can choose our Dedicated hosting server which is available for you. You will a fully managed dedicated hosting server which is easily affordable for you. We provide up to /29 IP addresses range with dedicated hosting server. Its high bandwidth facility gives you comfort to host your large and complicated website.

Cloud Hosting Server

Our Cloud hosting server is also like VPS hosting server. In this hosting facility, you will have to pay only for the resources which you used. There is no any foundation on the use of a resource with cloud hosting server.