All Google Workspace services, like G Suite, feature a personalized email for your business and collaboration tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and more. This Server is well-known for being nothing more than Google’s suite of intelligent applications. It was previously known as Google Apps until being renamed in 2016. The modifications range from enhancements to its world-class security and dependability demanded by its largest customers to technologies that increase the simplicity and usefulness desired by smaller teams. The power of Google Workspace cloud-based apps is that these changes are immediately available to all its customers, boosting its value. This workplace is considered extremely useful and necessary for numerous firms and individuals, depending on their demands. Apart from email hosting, this workspace has many other tools and programs. All of these apps are going to be helpful.

Streamlined Design: A Closer Look at the New Google Workspace Interface

Google Workspace has introduced three significant developments you must know for your convenience and benefits. These developments are described below so that you can explore them. The new Google layout is cleaner and more simplified, making navigating and discovering the necessary tools easier. The new design includes a more extensive search bar, making accessing files and other material more accessible. Furthermore, the revised interface features new icons for each program, resulting in a more consistent and modern look across all apps in the suite.

The new design also has a more straightforward navigation panel and a collapsible sidebar with quick access to frequently used tools like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. A configurable toolbar at the top of the interface allows you to access frequently used functions or add shortcuts to your favorite programs.

Overall, G Suite new design improves the user experience and makes it easier to locate what you’re looking for while keeping the functionality users have come to expect from the suite.

Google Workspace New Plan List View


Business Plus IN - Google Workspace

  • Business Plus IN - (G Suite)
  • - Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention
  • - 250 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking
  • - 5 TB cloud storage per user
  • - Secure team messaging
  • - Shared calendars
  • - Google Drive
  • - Support by phone, email and online
  • - Enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management

Enterprise Plus IN - Google Workspace

  • Enterprise Plus IN - (G Suite)
  • - Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention, S/MIME encryption
  • - 250 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking, noise cancellation, in-domain live streaming
  • - As much storage as you need
  • - Secure team messaging
  • - Shared calendars
  • - Google Drive
  • - Support by phone, email and online
  • - Advanced security, management, and compliance controls, including Vault, DLP, data regions, and enterprise endpoint management

Business Starter IN - Google Workspace

  • Business Starter IN - (G Suite)
  • - Custom and secure business email
  • - 100 participant video meetings
  • - 30GB cloud storage per user
  • - Secure team messaging
  • - Shared calendars
  • - Google Drive
  • - Support by phone, email and online
  • - Security and administration controls

Business Standard IN - Google Workspace

  • Business Standard IN - (G Suite)
  • - Custom and secure business email
  • - 150 participant video meetings + recording
  • - 2 TB cloud storage per user
  • - Secure team messaging
  • - Shared calendars
  • - Google Drive
  • - Support by phone, email and online
  • - Security and administration controls

Why Buy Google Workspace from Onlive Infotech?

Google Workspace is a robust set of technologies that may assist businesses of all sizes in increasing productivity, collaboration, and communication. While this server can be purchased directly from Google, there are various reasons why purchasing it from us may be a better alternative.

Personalized Support: If you purchase Google Workspace from us, you will receive customized support from a team of professionals. Our support staff can assist you with setting up your account, customizing your settings, and troubleshooting any issues.

Competitive Pricing: Our web hosting company provides competitive pricing for G Suite subscriptions, allowing you to save money on monthly or annual charges.

Additional Services: Besides Google Workspace subscriptions, we may offer training, migration, and support to help you get the most out of the suite.

Customized Solutions: We can collaborate with you to develop personalized solutions that address your company’s specific demands. Whether you need assistance with data migration or setting up a customized email signature, our staff can deliver tailored solutions to your needs.

As a Google Cloud Partner: We thoroughly understand the Google Workspace Pricing suite and its features. You can rely on us to deliver trustworthy and up-to-date advice on using the technologies to maximize your productivity and teamwork.

Additional Features in Google Workspace by Onlive Infotech

This comprehensive suite of tools is designed to help you collaborate more effectively, communicate better, and get more done in less time. This blog will look at some of the new features and improvements added to Google Workspace Pricing.

Slack is a popular alternative to Google Chat: Google Chat is the company’s new competing tool. It’s a specific group workplace with 1:1 and group chat. Conversations can be more efficient by directly dealing with deeply integrated Google bots and third-party apps. Google chat is available in all Google Wo space plans for free.

Google Meet: Although we prefer Zoom or Slack video chat here at Kinsta, Google Meet makes video conversations and conferences a breeze. It is wholly integrated with Google Workspace, allowing you to join meetings straight from a Calendar event or email invitation. f you use the Enterprise edition of this hosting server, you may also use dial-in numbers when staff are on the road or don’t have internet access.

Google Forms: I’ve refilled out a Google Form before. While we prefer to use other tools for this, such as branded forms n our WordPress site, it can be a quick and straightforward way to collect information.

Google Slides: If you want an excellent alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides is precise. You can use their real-time collaboration, comment, and version history, just like with their other products.

Endpoint Management: Don’t about stealing or stealing an e. Stealing employees’ devices. It is stealing an employee’s device. That is the purpose of Endpoint Management. As an administrator, you may easily activate this and remotely wipe Google Workspace Price data from devices if necessary.

Security and reliability of Google

Google is often synonymous with the internet. Hence, they leave no stone unturned to strengthen their encryption and security to its greatest extent. While signing up with Google, you ensure your data is yours only. You are to decide whether you let Google use this data or not. There are aspects of privacy also that you should know about.

Despite low Google Workspace Pricing, you are guaranteed to get ultimate data security and reliability on the server from Google. Their top-notch encryption and data are to protect and ensure your data from hackers. SSL, along with encryption, is used to maximize data security. The data is available for you whenever you need it. There is less likely to be any downtime as cloud computing is expected to ensure a seamless transition among different servers. Therefore, you are not supposed to worry about the functionalities and speed of the servers. You should instead use the server as per your demand and need.


Due to low Google Workspace Pricing, the workspace service is known to be highly cost-effective for you. Thus you can save a lot of money upon availing of this. You are not required to spend a fortune on some data center, servers, or anything else. Google keeps the costs low for the customers to benefit them fully. It does not make the customers pay any extra penny for software, space, machines, or personnel. As a customer, you should only pay for the Google business apps. Hence, this is known to cost you very little.


In conclusion, purchasing Google Workspace from Onlive Infotech may give you personalized support, reasonable pricing, extra services, customized solutions, and the peace of mind of dealing with a trusted partner. You will receive a substantial additional benefit when you choose a workspace for cheap Workspace Pricing. The expanded collaboration and communication features make it easier for teams to work effectively, while the better connection with other products and services increases flexibility. For you, everything becomes virtual. For example, if you want to hold a meeting, you do not need to bring people into a conference room. Instead, you may organize a virtual meeting where everyone can participate using their phone, tablet, or computer.

FAQ for Google Workspace

What are the new features of the Google Workspace?

The new Google Workspace UI has been revamped, as have the collaboration capabilities. More brilliant virtual meetings, improved communication tools, better integration with third-party apps, and robust security. And compliance features, customization options, and an emphasis on employee well-being.

How much does the new Google Workspace cost?

The Business Starter plan, which includes 30GB of cloud storage per user, starts at $2.79 per user per month. The Business Standard plan costs $18 per user per month and offers 5 TB of storage per user, while the Business Plus plan costs $29 per user per month and includes unlimited storage per user. There is also an Enterprise package with special pricing available.

Can I use the new Google Workspace on mobile devices?

Yes, the new Google Workspace is wholly mobile-responsive and works on Android and iOS devices. Each Google Workspace Free program also has a mobile version. That can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Version Store.

Can I migrate my data to the new Google Workspace?

Yes, Google offers several tools and resources to help you migrate your data from other platforms to the new Google Workspace. These include the Google Workspace Email Migration for Microsoft Exchange tool. The Data Migration Service for G Suite, and the Google Drive Migrator tool.