Japan VPS Server

Buying a VPS server is an excellent way to increase the power of your business, whether you’re running an eCommerce website or developing software. The ability to control your own private server gives you the freedom to configure it as you see fit and truly make the most of your hosting. However, many people are unsure if they should purchase Japan VPS Server from Onlive Server instead of using traditional shared web hosting services. Here are 10 reasons why you should invest in Japan VPS servers from Onlive Server

High hardware specifications

This is in a word why you should buy a virtual private server (VPS) from us: high quality. Our VPS servers come with cutting-edge hardware specifications and are packed with excellent features to ensure that your website runs efficiently, even during peak traffic hours. We also ensure that all our clients’ data stays safe and secure at all times by employing secure data centers. Moreover, all of our data centers are compliant with ISO 9001:2008 standards and have received ISO 27001 certifications for secure infrastructure management.

Offers free RAM upgrades

VPS servers are intended to be used as dedicated hosting environments, which means you need a high-powered server. However, most providers charge by bandwidth or RAM usage; both add up quickly when using your server for more resource-intensive applications. If you’re looking for reliable, affordable hosting options that cater to developers who need top-notch performance and generous amounts of RAM, look no further than Onlive Server. Our service offers free upgrades to our best packages.

Various Operating Systems To Choose From

Depending on your needs, you’ll likely want to select an operating system that best fits your business. For example, if you have software requirements like Magento or Joomla!, it’s a good idea to look for virtual private servers that run these specific applications. These OS options include Centos and Debian Linux with XEN Virtualization. If you need more control over what you install on your server, then pick an OS option that includes full root access. In addition to server location, the operating system is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a VPS.

24/7 support and server monitoring

When a server goes down, it can be problematic for your business and cost you money. That’s why 24/7 monitoring and support are important. Our technicians are constantly monitoring systems to make sure they run as smoothly as possible. Plus, if a problem should arise, we’ll be there to help you fix it quickly and with minimal downtime for your website or server.

No hidden charges

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and trustworthy service provider, then Onlive Server is a reliable choice. We provide our clients with servers that can be set up in no time. There are no hidden charges or any other additional expenses charged to our clients. We offer the best prices on all kinds of virtual private servers that provide features like high-speed connection and redundant network connectivity. The money-back-guarantee ensures you 100% satisfaction with our services. As long as you feel unsatisfied with our services, we will refund your payment within 2 hours of your request being placed. The 24/7 tech support offers help to all queries related to server issues irrespective of whether it is day or night since we have teams working in different time zones round-the-clock.

Multiple locations – Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and many more…

One of our biggest goals with Onlive Server is to make your virtual private server as affordable and easy to use as possible. We’ve done just that by giving you an unlimited amount of locations in which to host your Japanese site. Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya—you name it! With multiple locations in Japan, hosting a Japanese website has never been easier or more affordable. It’s also great for web designers who are building sites for clients all across Japan. Not every client will be from Tokyo (and some may even be from different cities), so having access to servers all across Japan means that you won’t have to deal with slow or limited bandwidth because of your location!

DDOS protection available

DDOS attacks are a big concern for web hosting companies; It stands for Distributed Denial of Service, and it describes an attack. One or more compromised computer systems, usually infected with a Trojan, send a barrage. Of network requests to a target system, rendering it unable to handle normal traffic. The source of these requests might be thousands of miles away. This can cause websites to slow down or crash entirely until they are taken offline altogether. VPS servers located in Japan provide added protection against DDOS attacks because their proximity to other countries makes them less attractive targets.

99.9% network uptime guarantee

Our hardware, our bandwidth, and our on-site infrastructure all work together to ensure your site is always live. Protecting a web server is like protecting a house, it’s all about having a solid foundation. You can never protect your site 100% of the time but you can make sure that if something goes wrong you have plenty of backups in place. And enough redundancy to keep things running smoothly while they get repaired. Our redundant hardware ensures that your website never goes down and as long as we’re here we will do everything. We can to keep it up. With every package you purchase with us you gain access to our network management panel which lets you reboot individual nodes, create backups, and much more!

SSD Hard Drives

The only other reason why some people get virtual private servers is because of their hard drives. People need a high-performance hard drive that can handle large files and multiple users. SSDs are simply faster than normal spinning drives and are an excellent choice for virtual private servers. If you don’t know what a hard drive is, it’s basically where all your data is stored on your computer. When you save it in the My Documents or Documents & Settings folder, etc. Your operating system needs a fast and efficient hard drive in order to run efficiently as well. In most cases, you will want at least 20 GB of disk space if you plan on hosting more than one website with your server account.

Free Website Migration Service Included

Our expert engineers can help you transition from your current web hosting provider to your new Japanese Virtual Private Server in a matter of minutes. They’ll transfer all data, email accounts, and files for you at no extra charge. This ensures that your switch is seamless and hassle-free, which gives you one less thing to worry about. Start saving money today!