South Korea dedicated serer
South Korea dedicated Server

Onlive Server contains all the solution of your hosting need as it offers you Cheap South Korea Dedicated Server Hosting at an affordable price with lots of hosting features. We offer you all the necessary services which you need to host your website. With our hosting services, you will get high bandwidth facility, High-level security, HDD storage of data, 24/7 hours server monitoring, choice of operating system, and much more. Its high bandwidth facility with unlimited traffic generation will be helpful to host your large and complicated websites. Now you can easily host your large application and generate unlimited traffic on that. we offer you South Korea Server with Intel DSX8  Xeon X5650 x processor, 2 CPUs, Up to 6 Core, Up to 3.2 GHz frequency, Up to 72 GB RAM, Up to 2 TB primary and secondary memory, choice of operating system, control panel facility, up to 29 IP range, unlimited bandwidth and many more. For your server security, we hire expert technical support team which monitors your server all day and night and protect your server from downtime. Apart from that our hosting server is fully customizable and you can customize according to your need. you can install the software of your choice as well do any modification and update in it.

Dedicated Customer Support and Services

For server security, we provide you firewall security which protects your server against harmful virus and unauthorized login. we also do server virus scanning against harmful programs. for the security of server’s data, we take the backup of your server data at a certain interval of time and keep it far from your own data center so in the case of any disaster you can easily recover you server data without any data loss. We provide you instant server setup to there is no need to wait for a long time for server setup.We provide you whole server setup 0 – 48 Hours and don’t take any extra charge for it. the server set up is free of cost.Skype Id : ONLIVEINFOTECH