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Cheap VPS Hosting Plans

We are here to permit you great services and offer with various plans according to your budgets and requirements. You can choose the plans and get the package at impressive price and wide range of specification. Our VPS Hosting will help you reach your business goals without much hurdles on the way. You can forget about the need to depend on huge physical servers, their maintenance costs also low. if you choose our company your costs come down and you can choose for managed VPS Hosting to be in an even more beneficial plan. Basically, we provide their service in lots of countries but Thailand and USA is one of the best location and reasonable location where users can buy cheapest VPS Server and Dedicated Hosting plans. With the freedom of Thailand VPS Hosting will permit you a lot of flexibility and provide you an extensive support, you can get our plans for your website and see how smooth things go from there.

Reasons Why VPS Hosting is a Better Choice for All Type of Business

  • VPS Hosting permit root access, just like with a dedicated server, but at a lower cost. With more control, and it can have more authority the deepest levels of the service and make changes easily.
  • USA and Thailand dedicated server hosting is coming typically with many different features, but a every business may not need all of them. Our USA VPS Hosting are also offer have many options in add-ons and default services that come with their plans and a business can customize them as it scales the service up or down.
  • No doubt if you really wish to enhance the performance of your website, you can get by using our servers. VPS Hosting, you enjoy similar server qualities as in case of a dedicated server hosting, with no extra charges involved. VPS comes out very handy. VPS acts like a dedicated server, like hardware with no physical entity.
  • There are countless benefits attached to a VPS hosting. Because of the privacy you get in this kind of server, you need not worry about security concerns. Another feature that makes this a great choice is the fact that the cost is completely reasonable, compared to a dedicated server.

About Onlive Server

We have a knowledgeable support team and you can seek the help of our team 24*7. You can contact us anytime via email and phone. You can be ensured that we will help in the creation of virtual multiple servers on a singular physical server. You will be skilled to run Linux or Windows servers even from remote desktop sessions.