India VPS Server

Overview of India VPS Server

An enterprise-class OpenVZ hypervisor powers the high-performance India VPS Server. Fast root access, monitoring services, and cloud backups are just a few of the many highly accessible and redundant features it offers. It may be purchased through our website. The cPanel/WHM control panel included with this VPS also simplifies managing your server from any web browser. At India VPS Server, you may get the power you require without the trouble you don’t!

All sizes of enterprises can use our server with no problems. It is supervised by our group of qualified technical support experts and housed on our Instant Server Hosting. With this server, we promise the finest security and customer service around the clock. Since our servers are in Europe, you can expect quick response times to your requests. Pre-installed applications on the India VPS Server include the Plesk Panel, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento E-Commerce Systems.

Additionally, this server offers limitless storage space, bandwidth, and full root access to the operating system. Even your unique programs can be installed on this server. Every component of this virtual private server, including the operating system and PHP settings, can easily be changed.

MSSQL Assistance

It is known for its love of food and wine, so India VPS Server provides a variety of solutions to assist you in matching your capacity and space requirements with those ideal for Indian cuisine. The following Web Hosting Space suppliers are available when you acquire an India VPS server:, Aruba-Rincon, CPLX’s infrastructure solutions, Smartwave (IS), Virtual Servers with Intel Xeon technology, and Zen Internet. But it’s not just that: You can discover high-performance video streaming servers, IP allocation servers, and servers with storage redundancy that is always available. Even packages designed expressly for commercial needs are available.

Moreover, the India VPS Server is now available with support for database management systems as an additional defense against system failure and data loss. Implementing a redundant database management system may ensure that your services are available no matter what happens to your hosting platform. In your virtual private server, a database management system will be used. We’ll configure it using MSSQL rather than MySQL. This guarantees regular data backups and protection. To prevent downtime during a server failure, the databases can also be configured to operate in an enslaver/slave configuration. In this case, queries are automatically redirected to other databases in real time. If something goes wrong with your host, it’s yet another way we guarantee business continuity.

Full Root Access

The enterprise-class OpenVZ hypervisor powers the India VPS Server, making it a high-performance virtual private server. The LAMP stack, built to let you launch your websites as rapidly as possible, is the foundation for the web and database servers. Also, as previously indicated, we provide complete root access, so you may do whatever you want.

We provide complete root access to all of our servers in addition to these beautiful advantages. This implies that, if you choose, you can set up your programs or relocate your server. What makes you want to do it, though? What are some circumstances in which you could require that adaptability? You may quickly move your site away from that region and keep your rights as an individual whenever a government violates what it thinks to be morally correct, such as when it forbids using VPNs or restricts other online activity to safeguard the privacy of its residents.

India VPS Server with Control Panel 

We give you a choice to pay for our fundamental support to make your life easier. Access to our ticket system, knowledge base, and limited phone and chat support are also included. Even if you aren’t interested in essential support, we offer complete setup and upkeep instructions for your VPS server. By filling out the form below, you can use our live chat feature to communicate with one of our technicians whenever you like:

Documentation on how to set up and maintain your VPS server is always available from us. You wish to handle this independently. We offer a wealth of information and community-based articles to aid you.

Full-Service Management

We provide many redundant, highly available, and private virtual servers in India. Our virtual private servers include a fully managed service that gives you access to unlimited website installs, round-the-clock system monitoring via tickets, regular software updates, and many other advantages. Your website will always function at its peak thanks to our service. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide prompt customer service to assist with problem resolution.

Our hosting plans are perfect for newly created small enterprises, individuals, and organizations wishing to host a new website. You can choose a plan that properly satisfies your company’s demands from the range of programs available. You may scale your service to meet rising needs if you can access many resources and add-ons. Please choose one of our plan options, pick any add-ons that might interest you, and quickly create an account with us!. With simple software-based controls, you can immediately administer your virtual private server. Thanks to our user-friendly Web interface, you can update hardware resources, monitor server performance, reboot or shut down servers, and more from any computer with Internet access.

Strong CPUs and Resources

Our India VPS server are well known for their cutting-edge features and the computer power that powers them. We’ve expanded our already fantastic product lineup with a brand-new addition. This extension is ideal for companies who need processing power or wish to be close to Europe. Additionally, these come equipped with SATA II hard drives, IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, Quad-Core CPUs, and an incredibly robust RAID 1 array.

Thanks to the dependability and processing power of the OpenVZ architecture, we can provide you peace of mind while you use this incredible hardware specification.

Guaranteed 99.99% Network Uptime

Your network is operational 99.99% of the time, and we provide a wide range of assistance to ensure your server is accessible around-the-clock. A cheap VPS server from India is always a good choice! Although network outage is uncommon, you will always have support at your disposal thanks to a 99.99% uptime guarantee. That’s not just us bragging, however; among the many measures we use to guarantee that your network is always operational are daily network monitoring and automated email notifications that notify you of any problems. Additionally, we provide thorough troubleshooting using a remote desktop system so that we may address any issues as soon as they appear.

Thus, why pick an India VPS Server? These are reasonably priced, strong, simple to operate, and loaded with valuable functions! Also, there is no need to install any complicated software because they are already set up.