USA Dedicated Server

A dedicated hosting service is often referred to as a managed hosting service, dedicated server, or dedicated hosting server. This type of internet hosting entails the client renting out the complete server and not sharing it with anyone else. You may host your website on a server with USA Dedicated Server, which considerably improves over shared hosting. To guarantee your site runs as smoothly as possible, Onlive Infotech offers quick processors, gigabytes to terabytes of memory, and substantial storage and data transfer. As a result, it is more adaptable and performs better than shared hosting. A client might share resources (a physical machine) with numerous others while using shared hosting. Clients who use VPS hosting also share the same system with others but not the resources.

How Much Does a Dedicated Server Cost?

The price of a dedicated server varies depending on the host you choose, whether you decide to use wholly managed or unmanaged, and whether you choose cloud hosting. Many dedicated server hosting offers discounts when you sign a long-term contract or for the first month. A long-term contract can be expensive and bind you into using the same web host, but there is often a lengthier money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied from the beginning.

What benefits come with selecting the best-dedicated hosting provider?

You might not even need to read this section because the advantages of dedicated servers might outweigh the additional expense. Continue reading to learn what you’re getting with your server if you’re unsure whether it’s worth tripling your monthly payment.


  • Your server will be entirely under your control, and only you can use it.
  • Dedicated servers always contain robust hardware like RAM, HDD, CPU, and other components.
  • Dedicated servers always deliver outstanding performance for medium-sized and large-scale business enterprise clients.
  • When compared to shared hosting and VPS hosting, its performance is superior.
  • Compared to shared hosting and VPS hosting, it is more reliable.

Obtain the Loaded Technical features for Dedicated Server

A robust hosting option called USA Dedicated Server gives users access to a complete physical server dedicated to hosting their website or application. With many technical features, this server would have a high-performance CPU, lots of RAM, enterprise-grade storage options, and a redundant power supply. Further technical aspects include high-speed network connectivity, round-the-clock surveillance, and sophisticated security systems to guard against unauthorized access and attacks. Dedicated servers are perfect for companies or people who need to have complete control and security over their hosting environment, have resource-intensive applications, or have high-traffic websites.

Technical Features Can Benefit Your Business

  • Free SSL Certificate – Secure access to your website is made possible with an SSL, which enables eCommerce and secures personal data.
  • RAID Storage – Your data is replicated using RAID1 in our top-notch storage arrangement. Your data is very well protected thanks to this redundancy, which helps to ensure it.
  • Access Control – Ensure your passwords only allow access to the areas of your account you want. Issue a single copy for server management, ownership details, or a master password that works for everything.
  • Maximum Control – With our USA Dedicated Server Hosting, experienced users have total access to complete control over everything from the operating system to Apache.

HDD vs. SSD Storage

A mechanical hard drive for storing files is a classic hard disc drive (HDD). Both servers and desktop computers can use it because it is much less expensive. A solid-state drive (SSD) uses less energy and power, is faster, and provides superior overall performance. So, it all depends on what you require. Choose an HDD if you don’t care about speed and want a cheap, massive storage choice. SSD is a better option if cost isn’t an issue and you don’t like as much storage.


Look no further than Onlive Infotech if you’re seeking a higher USA Dedicated Server that can help you grow your company. Windows Dedicated Server is outfitted with the most recent hardware and software and is optimized for high-performance computing. Your server can be readily modified to suit your unique requirements and scaled up or down as your company expands. Our servers are built to deliver the efficiency, security, and dependability you require for your online operations.

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